Polliate is honored to have these powerful women of the restorative arts in the service of healing for our Pollinate attendees. Register for time with them by clicking their inidvidual book session buttons. New healers will be added over the coming months so check back here often.
Your healer will contact you to determine the best time for your session during the Pollinate weekend. Sessions will be on Friday, Saturday, Sundays.



Clair Gallant Revival Massage

Clair has been a licensed massage therapist since October 2010. Her passions involve massage to help with chronic or acute issues through deep tissue, myofacial release, trigger point, thai stretching, cupping and more. Tailoring each appointment to the client so not every massage is the same each time you visit her. Recently, she was voted runner up for Cityview's Best Massage Therapist in Des Moines. Her massage studio is located in Windsor Heights where she rents from a FIT, a gym ran by all women! Clair is excited to be a part of pollinate where women can celebrate women! 


Creative Confessional

A Portrait Experience with Jami Milne

Jami is a Des Moines based photographer, emphasizing the intimacy of a shared portrait experience. Her Creative Confessional is a pop-up portrait experience, exploring the authenticity of sharing your creative trials and errors — the wins and losses, the dreams and dreams dashed and the imagery generated from that shared space of the souls. Her background in audience research and strategy, coupled with her own creative work, creates a unique experience of digging into the desires and despairs of the creative process.

The Creative Confessional is part portrait booth and part exercise in intimacy. Enter the clear booth to share transparently and commit to exploring your creative confession with the intention of speaking it into existence or finally setting it free.

Participants within the Creative Confessional will receive three to five hi-res images generated during their session, delivered digitally within 24 hours of the experience.



Maya Bromolson Cultural Healer

Maya is a multiple disciplinary healer and founder of Cultural Healer producing natural handmade products for the home and body, as well as organic fair trade essential oils for mind/life/health. CH acts as an educational and advocacy resource for introducing ferments, and other plant based health and healing. Maya is a Master Reiki practitioner and Cultural Healer is a source of Reiki, as well as Reiki workshops.


massage Therapy + Reiki + crystal sound healing

Safiyah Grace Iowa Family Massage Therapy

Safiyah Grace is a licensed massage therapist, and founder of Iowa Family Massage Therapy. She is also a Holy Fire Reiki and Karuna Ki Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher

Her purpose is to help people who are healing from various forms of trauma or who are experiencing depression, anxiety, PTSD or body image challenges to feel healthy, happy and whole again. Having suffered a debilitating postpartum depression/anxiety Safiyah is also passionate about helping ease the journey of Motherhood at any stage and provide both prenatal and postpartum care!

Safiyah is here to provide a safe space to relax and let go of the tension patterns related to trauma and stress so that you can lead a fulfilling, meaningful and enjoyable life!



Shannissy Deaton Budding Roses Massage

Shannissy Deaton, owner of Budding Roses Massage, offers a wide variety of support services in Des Moines and surrounding communities. She believes in a women's intuition and their capability of to make informed decisions that are best for them.

Shannissy is also a childhood sexual abuse counselor with a focus on the effects of trauma in the pregnant, birthing, postpartum, and breastfeeding mother.



Unlimited breath

Jodi Stanfield

When we clear the energy of trauma we remove barriers and enjoy a renewed experience of Divine Love. This love supports us in living our life’s purpose, and it extends to the world around us.

Unlimited Breath over oxygenates our blood, waking somatically stored trauma. Each inhale invites Divine Love into our being. Each exhale releases toxins and trauma. Participants will learn the Unlimited Breath technique and lay on their backs breathing for 60 minutes with Jodi’s support.

Wanting to do more than manage triggers from her own trauma Jodi, enrolled in a six month intensive Unlimited Breath workshop in 2015 and began healing her life. Having such a positive experience with the modality she became a master practitioner in 2018.

Jodi will be conducting GROUP breath session for up to 6 women at a time.


Maori + Rieki

Dena Fife

Dena is a native of New Zealand with a deep history as a member of the Ngāpuhi tribe, Dena’s great grandmother was a Maori healer as well. Through her family tradition and training she has been able to bring this traditional form of healing to our community. Maori actually translates as ‘way of life’ and this single word manages to encapsulate one of the most essential principles of New Zealand’s indigenous people: there is no separation between us and the world, between humans and the soul, heart and spirit.

The traditional Māori system of healing works from that exact idea. Healing sessions connect and balance the soul, heart, and spirit. Practitioners of Māori healing work through the body, reading it like a map, to find and release both current and past diseases, emotions and physical problems.